Glass Products including entrances, windows, storefronts, glass doors, and more!

American EagleLizotte Glass, Inc. offers a full selection of glass products for a wide range of commercial and residential applications – our service and selection is unmatched in Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Since 1944, Lizotte Glass has provided excellent and fully warranted products and services. Our high quality glass products include aluminum and glass storefronts, entrances, and mall fronts; aluminum and glass curtainwall framing, whether captured or structural silicone glazed; sunshades; commercial aluminum windows; glass canopies; fire-rated window glazing; all-glass entrances; and detention windows.

OculusLizotte Glass, Inc. is a community leader in selecting and implementing green technologies in our products and services. We’ve dedicated our livelihood to working with the wonder material of glass that combines several advantages for designers looking for greener solutions. For one, glass is completely recyclable, supplies innovation opportunities because of its flexibility, and plays an important role in environmental controls for a fraction of the cost in buildings that don’t make use of it. Because the intent of a green building is to minimize the impact on non-renewable resources to build and maintain the building and amplify energy efficiency across the entire supply chain, glass is a fundamental part of green architecture. It permits natural light which is not only more cost effective but provides a healthier, more productive environment for its occupants.

J CrewArchitects and builders use high-performance glazed glass, laminated or coated, to moderate interior temperatures more effectively than with an HVAC system alone. The coating filters out all the heat-producing sunlight while allowing for natural light. In some well-designed applications, the right glass can eliminate or reduce the need for air conditioning, heating, and other costly environmental controls.

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We represent superior quality companies: Kawneer, Peerless, Tremco, Oldcastle, Efco, and TGP.

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