24 Hour Emergency Window Repair Services

Broken glass isn’t just a costly nuisance – it can pose a real security risk.

Lizotte Glass, Inc. is available to provide emergency service for glass repair or replacement 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Our fleet is fully equipped and ready to provide a rapid response to your emergency call, and our staff of trained and experienced professionals are skilled at handling a variety of emergency glass replacement scenarios. We stock a large selection of glass in order to accommodate our customers in need of emergency glass replacement or repair services.

In many cases, Lizotte Glass, Inc. is able to replace your damaged door or window glass when we arrive. In the event we have to order or fabricate specialized or custom glass replacement product, we will do whatever is necessary to secure your property until we can install your replacement – and it’s a service we provide to the largest storefronts and the smallest home or apartment windows.

Lizotte Glass, Inc. is just a call away in case of a broken glass emergency due to vandalism, break-ins, accidents, or weather damage. When you contact Lizotte Glass, Inc. for emergency glass replacement or repair services, we will dispatch a qualified crew to your location quickly and efficiently and security your property any time you call. Our emergency services include boarding up windows and doors, cleaning up broken glass, measuring for replacement glass, and further securing your property.

We do not normally offer these services as an emergency call. We normally board up the opening to make it secure. We do sometimes replace the same day but it is way more common for us to board up and then return the next business day to replace the glass.

A broken storefront glass or a skylight that’s been damaged in a severe storm!

We are available immediately for quick repairs. 413-532-2737